Balancing the Books

Has anyone else been… shall we say, overbuying? Perhaps shopping online more than usual? Perhaps looking for anything that can distract us from this world?

Well, the 2020 Me certainly did. And the structural integrity of my bookshelves are suffering for it. As such, I have a new goal for 2021! And it is: Read at least as many books as I have purchased in a month, and then some to catch up from last year!

Introducing my “Balancing the Books” spreadsheet- a fun and admittedly VERY NERDY tracker that helps me keep track of how many books I have acquired and how many books I have read each month.

Green = Bought, Blue = Read

While my goal is to literally lighten the load from my shelves by focusing on reading my unread physical books, I will be tracking all my reads and acquisitions regardless of format. For added fun, I also am tracking the formats of my reads!

Okay, so maybe I haven’t been focusing on the hardcover books as much as I should be, but audio books really help out in a pinch! And some audiobooks are full on productions, and listening to an autobiography can add an extra level of intimacy that keeps me engaged more than I would be otherwise.

Starting January, I have been tracking my books and doing my best to keep them balanced. The biggest challenge: I have two book subscriptions- I know, I know. But they’re also a part of my social life, and I delight in reading these books with my friends who also subscribe to the same box. The first is my long time favorite, Owlcrate, which supplies a new YA book each month (in addition to some delightful and creative bookish items). The second is a box called Read, Romance, Repeat, and it supplies two romance books per month. This means I have to read at least 3 books to even begin to balance out for the month.


Wish me luck!

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