The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

Reader beware…

Do you love fairy tales?

I don’t mean the kind with fairy godmothers and magic slippers, with wishes and happily ever afters. No.

I don’t mean the kind with a vague moral at the end, a reason for the scary nature of the story to frighten curious children away from dangerous circumstances and into a more humble attitude.


That is not this book.

I mean the kind with danger that lurks around every corner; where stories are not just stories. Where, despite all warnings and the terror in your belly, you move forward, towards the horror that awaits you- just so you know… who was watching you sleep.

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This book was made for people who like to be scared of the dark, where the hair rising on the back of your neck is a sensation you trust. This book was made for people like Alice… and me. And you.

With a wonderfully creepy atmosphere and an almost morbid temperament, The Hazel Wood was lyrically written, and definitely left me wanting more.

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